Sunday, October 28, 2012

Girls women and ladies

'There's girls and there's women and there's ladies
 there's yes'es and no's and maybe's
 there's tease'n and please'n they start learning when they're babies
 there's girls there's women and there's ladies

It may come as a shock to some but I like women. I really don't have a type but Sandra Bullock will do. So will that girl at 7-11 who lights up when I come in.My first two wives were very different but we found a way to be married. On second thought maybe that's not a good example. But on both accounts we found some common ground for awhile.I like a girl that can really cook but neither wife was Paula Dean in the kitchen. One wife was blond and blue eyed, one had beautiful brown hair and eyes. One was bossy ( and bitchy) one  was the most even natured person I have ever known.But this isn't about ex wives.
   I guess this about chasing women at my age.I never chased much when I was younger because I was pretty dang shy. And in shape.And really didn't have too much. I guess things change. I am not all that shy or in shape. But I still like girls a great deal. Is alot a real word? That works too.Hank Jr sang a song" I really like girls".  He didnt pay me royalties but he is Hank Jr so I will let him slide.
  Kansas: Well I went to Kansas to work with Larry and the first night I was there the company took us out to eat and the dang place dimmed the lights at 9 and played music. Me Larry and my bosses( and wives) two stepped all over. That's a good first day at work! Then they sent me to Tulsa.
   My boss woke me up the day after saying some one called her saying there was a drunk cowboy sleeping in her office.Don't know about the drunk part but I did sleep in her office. A great place called The Hunt Club was across the street and I had a few beers and met a girl who I have no business being friends with. She is early twenties...I am not.She has tattoo's and piercings again I do not but we just get along. What does this mean to me today?
   I guess this is what I am getting too. I like girls. I make friends pretty easy. I am pretty old but I am pretty good with my life. I am not going to date some one who really doesn't like me just so I can say I am dating.  I don't care who she is or how pretty she is. I cant be a constellation prize and teach Carl self worth and not to settle if I do. I am fighting this right now. A girl who drives me crazy but just keeps me hanging on...I guess writing this will keep me being true.
  Ever walk in a place and see someone light up when they see you? That's what I am gonna have or I am gonna get a hungry dog...
   So let's drink another round to to you and me ....and them

Monday, October 22, 2012

when Harry Met Sally

We all tell the stories, you know the gorgeous girls we went out with before we got married. The beautiful women before we got old.  Well the other night when I couldn't get sleepy -yea that night- I tried to look up this girl I went out with once. Once! I worked with her mom and since her mother didn't go out drinking with me or see me out of the office,mom  thought that I was a good guy, and called Kim Mackie and me and Kim went to see a Matinee. It was When Harry Met Sally.
   Kim and I had a few classes along side each other at MCC in Waco but I was much to shy to talk to her much. But I did work with mom. So we go see When Harry Met Sally one of the greatest romantic comedies of all times but I never talked to her much again. A great one time date in my little life, and certainly  she must wonder from time to time about me, right?
  So with the magic of face book I see her profile and ask her how her mom is-fine-and how she is:wonderful  but she does not remember me. Me who brushed my teeth in the car, and sprayed that stuff under my arms before meeting her out side of Waco Square six. Me who paid for popcorn and Coke at full price even though I could have got it for free but didn't want her to think I was a cheapskate. She didn't remember me at all. Her response was nice and she did remember watching the movie there, but I slipped her mind.
    What does this have to do with me today in Oklahoma City? The part of the movie...the main theme ...that men and women cannot be friends because of the sex part.It is our fault , the guys fault. I guess it is true and I guess I might have proved it.  Guys always want more. We cant help it.
  I have a bartender friend that has been my friend for 5 years and I guess our messages got crossed and that's not hard to do when she is beautiful and I like beauty. Any way I have just gone about 5 weeks or so with out seeing my friend, until the last day or so, but tonight things were close to old times and getting better.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

State of the Union

Its a little after 11 pm (2300 hours to my military friends) and I have made the command decision to start another blog. It just seems like the right time.  Some friends do know I used to write one on AOL a number of years ago and I really enjoyed it. This wont be about politics or dating or selling you junk. Nope, this will be about a normal guy ( quit laughing I can come off as normal if I have too!) trucking through the backside of his forties trying to make a living and raise a boy and make a friend or two along the way. 
   I am calling this one State of the Union because once a year the President gives a State of the Union address to let us regular folks what kind of shape our Republic is in. Since this is my first blog its a get to know me posting. 
   I live on the South Side of Oklahoma City, which is the good side because it's where the cowboys( and Cowgirls!) live. Its too snobby on the Northside for me. I live about 4 or five miles from my skinny brother and his family, and a few miles from my mom. Just by chance I live 1.5 miles from the greatest place on the Southside : Old Chicago!  I spend a great deal of time there eating pizza and hanging out with my friends. More on Old Chicago and why pizza is just my 3rd favorite thing there at a later time. I am trying to hurry this first posting a bit because I did take an Ambien a bit ago....More on that at some other time:/
  I drive an 18 wheeler, just like in the great Alabama song 'Roll On'. Right now I am working in Tulsa and since that is over an hour away, I stay there for days at a time then come home on my days off. And as most can guess I am working with Larry. He is my best friend and we have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 jobs together.My first job was working at the Town and Country Drive-In in Gatesville Texas. You guessed it, Larry worked there also. He was supposed to be training me so I could run the projectors while he went of to chase girls at church camp. Well due to a circumstance beyond our control-Urbane Cowboy was showing-I didnt learn a thing and he went off to camp anyways. The manager Don Palmer should have fired me right then but he had the patience of Job and trained me himself. He was one of the greatest guys to ever live and he started the 30 year tradition of hiring me and Larry to work together.
   I do live by myself but my 12 year old boy Carl, or CJ as some call him stays with me when ever I am not working. He is all boy..climbs up everything, leaves his socks on the couch, wants toys he...ah I cant afford. He owns about 20 footballs and has no problem wearin my arm out playing catch. Every day. Even when it rains.He is funny and smart, and I try to take him every where I go.
  What else do I write in an intro...I LOVE football!!! The Oklahoma Sooners and the Dallas Cowboys!!! I have a pretty large fondness of women also....more on that later, but I am single, and a dad. I am a truck driver and a pretty good guy on a trivia team.. I do have to cut this short because my ole friend Ambien is working early ...yea for sleep.
   I am pretty sure this will be boring to read but I liked writing it..better stuff to come I promise.. Now how do I save this stuff?