Tuesday, December 4, 2012

in a wife

I have been up since early yesterday, and when I got home in stead of going straight to bed I decided to watch Blake Sheltons Christmas special that I recorded.  Just threw that in to let you know I am not thinking straight. Yes, even  less than normal. As I was taking a quick shower a thought bounced through my head.I might get married again someday...Heck the Saints won a Superbowl, stuff can happen! So aside from loving God, country, and my boy ( I guess me too) I think I need this from a wife:
   She must not only need to know which football teams to love, but which ones to hate. I know hate is a strong word but we are talking football not the other less important sports.
   She really needs to know how to cook a mean chicken fried steak, and make a real banana pudding. If she  can run to Del Rancho and buy a chicken fried steak and put it on my plate with out me knowing, that can slide but no business makes good banana pudding.
  She needs to remember to put the lid up. Ha ha. thought I would throw that in.
   Listen to George Strait with me..No give on that. If she will listen to the Statler Brothers and Elvis with me I promise not to forget anniversary or birthday presents.
    Must like real Christmas trees and,  butter.She must never buy me flip flops or expect me to wear them. Ever! She will need to watch Its A Wonderful Life with me once a year. Not to have cats, at least inside. This is important...Never plan anything, Anything, on Superbowl Sunday! Must put up with my friends and understand Larry is loud and me and Lorne do tend to fight.
    I need her to buy toilet paper, I will pump the gas. She must not get mad when I stay up all night watching John Wayne movies or Tombstone, I cant help it. She needs to get on me when I say the really bad cuss words.
  I guess anything else is trivial. I did cover the no rap, and Superbowl is my day right? Well as I swallow my Ambien and go to bed I wonder if their is some cowboy chick out that writing a list just like this. Maybe she subs Reba for George Strait, but if we pass in Walmart I hope I am sucking my gut in.