Saturday, February 16, 2013

a different view

    I have aunt's and uncles, and my grand parents who are liberals so we just don't talk politics. This post is not about politics it is just about how we can see things a little different.
   I love football. I have always thought it has defined me even though I haven't played an organised game since 1983. I love pro, college and high school.. I am 47 years old and still have a football or two in my truck. Always. But my boy Carl who I love more than my life it's self choose's not to play. I don't care. It does not bother me one bit.I will never push him to to anything...
  On a different path here. I have a friend who is a bartender..Oh I know that is a shock! She is pretty and young and just graduated college.This very pretty girl got a job right off the bat in the business world but did not like so she quit the job.. I think well now better than spending 10 years living a life that sucks. A night or two ago we are talking about life and such and she asked why I chose the life I chose in the Army back then.I could have went to college like I did later attending Baylor University, or I could have went to the AirForce Marines or Navy but I joined the Army and she asked why. She asked and I answered without thinking " I wanted to be Rambo". It was honest, and I would not change the answer here a week later, but it was strait from the hip.Why bring this up?
     Today when I picked up my boy Carl we swung by my moms house to visit. Some way some how she mentioned to him he should join the AirForce. He very forcefully said if joined anything it would be the Army! I shut up but was so proud! My mom went over all the advantages the Air Force has but Carl was steadfast it is the Army or nothing..She is my mom.. She is right in all the advantages.. but. At one time in my life I was considered smart, I could have done any thing I wanted in the military..anything. But I wanted to be infantry. I wanted to fight if that is what my country needed. I wanted to be the one face to face with the Soviet me..That is my nature. Not what my mom wanted but who I am.
I have never pressed Carl to play  football. I have never pressed him to think one one or another, but today I  he showed me that deep down we are the same. I am not pretty, i am not wealthy, or the chosen few, but I am an American and when there is a threat I want to fight! Thats my nature.. I dont want to fight  for benefits or what ever I want to fight because I love what we have and some one has to. I will never be a poet, or an artist. I will always be an American. It looks like I passed that on..