Thursday, February 20, 2014

You can't make old friends

" When somebody knocks at the door, someone new walks in, I will smile and shake their hand, but you can't make old friends"

  After a Saturday of me working when I really didn't want to, and I never do, then moving furniture, because the couch really does need to be closer to the tv, we sat down for some Netflix. No,not me and my high school sweetheart, she is on her 4th marriage somewhere in Texas. Not me and Carl, he was 20 feet away online playing a video game in his room. Not me and Sandra Bullock, she is still playing hard to get. It was me and Larry.We met in 1976 at Sunday school.Yea i know ,but it Was Sunday school. I met Larry, Jim Caldwell, Sheri Gordon and Sheri Wright. Lou Langston and Dyanna Adair. If I wasn't afraid of going to hell I would have went anyway's because of the great looking girls! But through the years it was me and Larry that stuck.
   Larry set me up with my first job. He was going off to church camp. Don't laugh, he did go to church camp! So I learned to thread the projectors at the Gatesville drive in. He went to camp and I kept that job for over 4 years, right up until the day I joined the Army. Larry joined with me. We were top bunk, lower bunk in basic training. We were roommates in airborne school, where we by chance had our only fist fight because he didn't think I made my bunk up to par...Then after the Army we went off to Jr. College. Larry finished on time but I stayed around while he moved on to Baylor. Finally the MCC people told me to move on so I went to Baylor also. Larry hooked me up with a great roommate Bill Jess. But we were not done. We had the same boss for awhile working at a Waco movie theater. She became my first wife, so I guess we know who her favorite was!
  For many years the married life kept us busy. He lived around Waco I moved to Oklahoma. He got a "few" divorces's then went Iraq as a truck driver where he fell off of Sadaam's palace wall and broke his damn neck.
  He stayed with one of his sisters in Las Vegas until he got semi-better then he moved to Oklahoma City.Then he moved in here.
    All of this is back ground for us setting on the dang couch pulling up Netflix Saturday and watching the first three episodes of Cheers and laughing our asses off! In between episodes he said ' Who would have thought 20 years ago we would be setting her watching tv together?"
   Old Friends, Lord when my work is done bless my life and grant me one, old friend...