Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thats my Job

That's my job
That's what I do
Everything I do is because of you
To keep you safe with me
That's my job you see

It has been said, find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life. Well maybe so but Old Chicago is not going to pay me to eat pizza and drink beer. Fox Sports has not offered me a contract to watch the Dallas Cowboys play. Believe it or not I have never been paid to argue with a fence post..Yea that one is a shocker to me too!
   When we were little kids me and my sister used to dig up little cacti (more than one cactus Lorne) plant them in little plastic pots and peddle them door to door. It was fun for us and my first shot at making my own money. I landed my next job when I was about 14 after getting in a fight with a friend of mine at the Gatesville rodeo, and my shirt was covered in blood. A Neighbor who lived a couple of miles down the road ..yes he was a neighbor we lived way out in the sticks..asked if I was tough. Well heck yea I thought at the time and said so. He offered me a job breaking horses. Well mainly I broke my back cleaning stalls, hauling hay, mowing..Not much bronc stompin involved, but it was a job. My next job was great! Me and Larry running projectors at the  drive-in for Don and Cheryl and Gene Palmer. That was something I loved and they would probably agree I didn't work a day! But I did eat popcorn and drink coke and managed to throw the picture on the screen, but I had to graduate high school and find higher paying work. So I went to work at a factory building boats. I screwed up enough stuff that finally I was reduced to taking out trash and generally cleaning up. It had to be done and I had to keep a job. After a summer of that I joined the U S Army for four years. I went in knowing it was not for a career but I needed to do it. When I got out of the Army my career in low paying jobs went something like this: feed mill( one day) concrete work, movie theatre, V A regional office filing stuff, Sonic, machine shop, meter reader, furniture salesman, car salesman, ice cream merchandiser and TA DA truck driver! I know I left things out. I actually wrote the news for a tv station in Waco for a short while, did telemarketing for a week or so. I really like driving a truck but if I won the lotto that would be my last day , so I guess I don't love it.
   Well somewhere after work I found time to get married and have a kid. The marriage didn't last ( we are still friends) but I think this dad thing will stick. I never liked kids before and really did not think I was going to like mine much  more than I liked other kids.
   Some one mentioned to me I was doing a good job with Carl. Some one else reminded me it was the most  important job I will ever have. A dads job is never done...
   Funny thing is being Carl's dad is not work. Its not something I have to do, it is something I get to do. It is not my job, but it is what I do.

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  1. Thomas, I think you found your calling in life when you fell in love with that little boy. There are many people who go through life without discovering that gift. You are blessed--and a blessing.