Thursday, March 7, 2013

what is important?

I just got off the phone with a friend arguing about what is important in a quarterback. Well this is my blog so I am saying I won. To me it is not about touchdowns, or stats or ratings but about leadership and winning. Winning when it counts. That s football one of my favorite things. I also love God, America, Texas, bar b q and beer. They all seem to be the top. The best. That's why I watch so many shows about high achievers and how they got there. But that is not what is on my mind.
  I remember a year or so when Apple's Steve Jobs, one of the most successful people on earth died, people close to him said he wished he had spent more time with his kids. Earlier today I watched a bio on Jimmy Johnson from the Dallas Cowboys fame and he regretted not spending time with his boys so when his mom died he discovered what was really important to him was his boys so he retired from a multi million dollar a year job to go fishing with his kids.And just now now I watched the bio on Tom Coughlin the NY Giants head coach and he was starting to fail until he reconnected to his family.
    I am a truck driver. I don't run Apple or the NY Giants or my beloved Dallas Cowboys. I do have a pretty dang good relationship with my boy. When I check my phone it is for his calls or messages not some cute thing I met . A great Saturday night is not something I will tell my buddies about Monday, but us watching a guy movie eating pizza and setting on the love seat in our living room. Sunday we go to church then usually to my moms to eat or sometimes the three of us out. Most Sundays we play catch with the football.Sometimes we go to a movie or Old Chicago where they know him as well as me. He asks me for a fish or a dog or a game almost every week end and usually does not get them but he dose not gripe. We talk about Corvette's and other things I cannot buy at this time.When it gets time to go we both get feeling funny. Sometimes Teri comes to get him and we stack all of his stuff by the door. Sometimes I drive him 25 miles back to his moms house in Jones. In that case we stop by 7-11 and grab a couple of diet Mt Dews. I dont drive fast and usually we dont listen to the radio. I love that drive and hate it .  Every week.
   After I drop off Carl I stop by Old Chicago on my way home. Almost every Sunday for 5 years. That hour or so is my worst hour of the week and the girls there know it and are good to me.
   I think I may be living a success story in reverse. I have the family thing down but the professional thing....To talk the truth I dont care.  I am not worried about next weeks check even though I should. I am not worried about the girl I would really really like to see during the week. I just hope I get Carl Friday instead of Saturday.

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  1. I just hope you can still say that when he's 16! (Of course you will... )