Monday, October 22, 2012

when Harry Met Sally

We all tell the stories, you know the gorgeous girls we went out with before we got married. The beautiful women before we got old.  Well the other night when I couldn't get sleepy -yea that night- I tried to look up this girl I went out with once. Once! I worked with her mom and since her mother didn't go out drinking with me or see me out of the office,mom  thought that I was a good guy, and called Kim Mackie and me and Kim went to see a Matinee. It was When Harry Met Sally.
   Kim and I had a few classes along side each other at MCC in Waco but I was much to shy to talk to her much. But I did work with mom. So we go see When Harry Met Sally one of the greatest romantic comedies of all times but I never talked to her much again. A great one time date in my little life, and certainly  she must wonder from time to time about me, right?
  So with the magic of face book I see her profile and ask her how her mom is-fine-and how she is:wonderful  but she does not remember me. Me who brushed my teeth in the car, and sprayed that stuff under my arms before meeting her out side of Waco Square six. Me who paid for popcorn and Coke at full price even though I could have got it for free but didn't want her to think I was a cheapskate. She didn't remember me at all. Her response was nice and she did remember watching the movie there, but I slipped her mind.
    What does this have to do with me today in Oklahoma City? The part of the movie...the main theme ...that men and women cannot be friends because of the sex part.It is our fault , the guys fault. I guess it is true and I guess I might have proved it.  Guys always want more. We cant help it.
  I have a bartender friend that has been my friend for 5 years and I guess our messages got crossed and that's not hard to do when she is beautiful and I like beauty. Any way I have just gone about 5 weeks or so with out seeing my friend, until the last day or so, but tonight things were close to old times and getting better.



  1. Seriously, Thomas, it was a bit of a stretch to think that some girl you went out with once many years ago would remember you. I don't think the guys I might have called "boyfriends" (like, went out with more than once) in the old days remember me. Let's hear more about the bartender...

  2. i have to disagree with the "opposite sex cant be friends" thing. most of my friends are guys. i grew up with guys. i only have a very small amount of girl friends. granted..i dont see it from their point of views but i do know that i wouldnt want to date them,or be in a relationship with them. im happy just as things are and appreciate the friendship with them. but,like i said,this is a girls opinion too! =)

    1. just like in the movie my friend...this is from the guys point of view..and is given mostly in jest:)